Sunday, July 15, 2007

Where is Hindi station on XM or Sirius?

Where is Hindi station on XM or Sirius?

The answer is, it is not there. I keep checking the XM and Sirius websites for a Hindi station almost every month and I keep getting disappointed. I don't understand why either one of them, XM or Sirius, does not offer a Hindi/Indian music station. I have even e-mailed both companies telling them that they need to do some demographic research and find out that there are many people of Indian origin currently live in the United States and they are losing all those potential customers.

What is holding XM and Sirius back from offering a Hindi station?

I don't think getting rights to the songs is difficult part. There are radio stations in India that play music all day long and I am sure the rightsholders of Hindi songs are dying to sell it to some international customers.

I don't think bandwidth is an issue because as I check today there are 3 Christian, 3 classical, 4 comedy, 7 country, 5 dance, 6 decades, 8 hits, 5 jazz and blues, 2 kids, 4 latin, 4 lifestyle, 16 news, 14 rock, 18 sports, 22 talk and variety, 7 urban and 3 world channels on XM satellite radio today. I don't think it will be vary hard to squeeze a Hindi channel in there.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Monthly Nissan Altima Sales

I drive a 2002 Nissan Altima. I really like this car. In my mind, it is the best looking car on the road today (for my price range at least). I bought this car as soon as Nissan redesigned it in 2002. I think Nissan Altima is a better car than Honda Accord or Toyota Camry even though Honda Accord and Toyota Camry regularly outsell Altima. Nissan Altima is bigger in size than Accord or Camry and performs similarly or better.

With another redesign of Altima for the model year 2007 I think Altima is ready to take the next step and challenge Accord and Camry in the sales department. How much Nissan Altimas are sold in USA every month? In the following table I list the number of Nissan Altima’s sold every month since the year 2004. As you can see from the numbers, the sales in the year 2007 have really picked up. The total sales in the year 2007 may approach 300,000.

Month Monthly Nissan Altima Sales
Jun-07 25,935
May-07 23,980
Apr-07 16,309
Mar-07 27,521
Feb-07 22,114
Jan-07 24,394
Dec-06 24,832
Nov-06 18,203
Oct-06 14,761
Sep-06 19,752
Aug-06 20,281
Jul-06 17,669
Jun-06 14,174
May-06 21,981
Apr-06 23,790
Mar-06 23,790
Feb-06 20,080
Jan-06 16,758
Dec-05 18,448
Nov-05 15,154
Oct-05 16,624
Sep-05 26,442
Aug-05 23,362
Jul-05 24,865
Jun-05 22,239
May-05 23,900
Apr-05 22,869
Mar-05 25,329
Feb-05 19,044
Jan-05 17,095
Dec-04 19,627
Nov-04 16,345
Oct-04 18,819
Sep-04 21,284
Aug-04 20,182
Jul-04 22,933
Jun-04 17,516
May-04 20,558
Apr-04 15,596
Mar-04 24,716
Feb-04 18,013
Jan-04 20,300


Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Visual Studio Keyboard Shortcuts

1) How to compile the solution with keyboard shortcut in Visual Studio?
'ctrl + shift + B'

2) How to search a word in the current document in Visual Studio?
Highlight the word and then press 'ctrl +F3'

3) How to search a workd in the entire solution in Visual Studio?
Highlight the word and then press 'ctrl + shift + F'

3) How to go to the definition of a function in Visual Studio?
Move the mouse over to the function call and press F12. This should take you to the definition of the function in the VB.Net and C# code. This shortcut does not work in the classic ASP code.