Sunday, July 15, 2007

Where is Hindi station on XM or Sirius?

Where is Hindi station on XM or Sirius?

The answer is, it is not there. I keep checking the XM and Sirius websites for a Hindi station almost every month and I keep getting disappointed. I don't understand why either one of them, XM or Sirius, does not offer a Hindi/Indian music station. I have even e-mailed both companies telling them that they need to do some demographic research and find out that there are many people of Indian origin currently live in the United States and they are losing all those potential customers.

What is holding XM and Sirius back from offering a Hindi station?

I don't think getting rights to the songs is difficult part. There are radio stations in India that play music all day long and I am sure the rightsholders of Hindi songs are dying to sell it to some international customers.

I don't think bandwidth is an issue because as I check today there are 3 Christian, 3 classical, 4 comedy, 7 country, 5 dance, 6 decades, 8 hits, 5 jazz and blues, 2 kids, 4 latin, 4 lifestyle, 16 news, 14 rock, 18 sports, 22 talk and variety, 7 urban and 3 world channels on XM satellite radio today. I don't think it will be vary hard to squeeze a Hindi channel in there.