Monday, September 05, 2005

Reliance India Call Experience

I have been using Reliance India Call for almost a year now. I used the free 15-minute call offered by Reliance in August of 2004 and immediately signed up for for the service in September. As long as I know, all of my family member uses this service to call their relatives in India. My extended family members have abandoned the use of traditional phone cards for the Reliance India Call.

Reliance offers two kinds of service: prepaid and pay-later service. If you use the first option you have to pay first and as you use the minutes, dollars are subtracted from your account based on the usage. The second service charges you every month based on the time you used to call India. I believe there is a monthly charge for using the pay-later service.

As far as call quality goes, I think this service is the best service you can get for spending 12.9 cents per minute. I have used other cards before, but I never had a better call quality.

What are your experiences with Reliance India Call? Leave a comment below and let me and everyone else know. Do you use any other service or calling card? Which card do you use? Do you make VOIP calls to India? How are the charges for VOIP calls compare to Reliance India Call?