Saturday, February 27, 2010

Maryland EZPass

During the blizzard of the 2010, my car got stuck in a lot of snow. So, I was using my dad's car. I had to travel thru the Baltimore's Harbor Tunnel a couple of times in my dad's car. Now, my car has the EZPass with the commuter plan for the Baltimore's tunnel. Since my car was stuck and I was not able to remove the EZPass from my car I decided to pay cash when I pass thru the Harbor's Tunnel's toll booths.

My dad's car I was driving also had EZPass in the glove compartment, but I did not know that. I assumed that his car did not have EZPass. So, I pulled out the cash when I approached the toll booth. As soon as I got to the cashier, the display said "Paid $2 EZPass".

I asked the cashier, "Do I have an EZPass in this car?"

He asked, "Is this a rental?"

I said, "This is my dad's car."

He said, "Looks like you have an EZPass in this car." He then asked, "Do you want to pay cash instead and override the EZPass charge?"

I asked, "Can you do that?"

He said, "The cash you pay will override the EZPass charge."

I then paid cash and drove away.

So, it looks like that if you hand over cash when you have a EZPass in your car. The EZPass account will not be charged.