Sunday, February 22, 2009

phpBB3 installation on godaddy

I set out to install phpBB3 on godaddy servers recently. The first set of instructions were to create a database where phpBB3 installation will be creating the database tables. I did that first and had my database username and password prepared and ready to go for the installation procedure.

The second thing I had to do was to upload the files for the phpBB3 installation on the godaddy servers. I used a FTP program to upload the phpBB3 folder on root directory of the hosting account. The root folder is located where missing.html and welcome.html files are located.
Now I was ready to kick start the installation by browsing to /phpbb3/install/index.php file on the server. But, this did not work. It kept giving me missing.html whenever I tried to browse to the /phpbb3/install/index.php file. It meant that I was getting a 404 file not found error. That did not make sense to me. I had uploaded the files in the proper public directory and still I was not able to access it.

Finally, I realized that path could be case sensitive. So, I plugged in /phpBB3/install/index.php and hit enter. That did the trick. The installation wizard was initiated. /phpbb3 did not work. /phpBB3 worked.

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