Thursday, February 24, 2005

Reliance IndiaCall

The calling procedure for dialing a call through reliance india call is a mystery to me. I live in US and dial 1-866-373-5426. After that a voice tells me the following: "Welcome to reliance. Please dial the number you wish to dial with the conuntry code 91. It is not required to dial the international access number."

How is this possible? Isn’t is true that when someone in US wants to dial an international number, 001 must be dialed first. How does reliance gets away without dialing 001 before 91. Do they have a direct physical line to India? When I dial the above 866 number, does my call go through some private reliance-owned network to Ahmedabad?

I have tried many calling cards so far, and never had the call quality as good as reliance’s. They are doing something right. The prices are not the lowest, but their calling plan does not have any gimmicks and fees.

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  1. They have leased line. (real phone connection instead of internet call). When you call the call is answered by a special device like a PBX in U.S. then based on the number you press (91) it knows that you are calling india and then the call gets on the leased line to another device in India then based on rest of the number it gets routed to Vadodara or Variyav. Their calls do not go on internet so the quality is better than other phone cards.