Saturday, March 05, 2005

MSN Search Ignoring Blogger Blogspot Sites?

I think so. I searched for the follwing term in Yahoo, Google and MSN search engines.


MSN returned only 697,515 results for the term. Google came up with 4,170,000 sites contianing term "". Yahoo found the maximum number of results with 38,000,000.

Microsoft is at it again. It looks like that MSN Search is ignoring the sites run by rival companies. Blogger is owned by Google and it looks like MSN Search is not indexing these blogs as much as the rival search engines do. I can find my blog on Yahoo and Google, but my blog is nowhere to be seen on MSN Search. What is going on? What happened to the idea of indexing the "information on the web" regardless the source of the information?


  1. another reason i changed to firefox, ms is just too arrogant, and needs to be bitch slapped!

  2. It might have something to do with Google and Yahoo setting some domains to authorithy status, while MSN Search has not yet.

    Btw: Thanks for the link to blogger templates!


  3. Too early to say whether or not MSN is doing what you claim.

    My guess is that MSN is still busy building its index and it will find all of the blogs on blogger soon enough.

  4. It may be too early to tell today. But I am going to check again in few weeks to verify what is going on?

  5. Hey there! Hopped over here from blog explosion. You have a great blog, I like it. Have a nice day. :)

  6. I agree. Before MSN switched to their *NEW* search my endangered animals blog Another Chance To See was listed by MSN, but now its nowhere to be seen. Sucks, because I used to get quite a bit of traffic from it.

  7. Its been a few months now, and I just re-checked my site. I AM listed in MSN search now.... Not getting any hits from it though. Yet.

    Might be worth re-checking folks...

  8. Yes, I agree with your point. To my experience this blog: Hera Pheri was 4 months old, got 4 PR from google(more than 200 backlinks) and yet it was nowhere in MSN, isn't that strange.

  9. I believe it's not high time to judge now. MSN is too recognizable to quit it like that!