Saturday, August 13, 2005

Indian Aviation Industry

From the latest buzz coming out of India, it sounds like that the Indian Aviation Industry is growing by leaps and bounds. If we want to set aside a moment as a “big bang” for the expansion of the “Indian Aviation Universe” than we can set the last day of the Paris Air Show of the 2005 as the moment. On that day, Indian Aviation Industry came to life with bountiful airplane orders for Boeing and Airbus. Boeing and Airbus now considers India as a prime market for many years to come. I am sure that both airplane manufacturers will deploy their marketing and sales team in India to outsell each other in coming months.

Here is the order summary:
  • A new startup airline called Indigo ordered 100 planes from Airbus.
  • Jet Airways split its order and bought planes from Boeing and Airbus.
  • Kingfisher added five jumbo A380s to its fleet. (It will be interesting to see where Kingfisher airline flies these planes. Major airport infrastructure overhaul may be needed to land this aircraft.)
  • A few months earlier Air India ordered about 50 planes from Boeing.

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