Sunday, February 04, 2007

Benjarong Thai Restaurant Rockville MD

This weekend I went to Benjarong, a Thai restaurant in Rockville, MD for a dinner, and let me say that Benjarong is probably the best Thai restaurant I have ever been to. The food was delicious and service was excellent.

Since I am a vegetarian, I always scour through the website of the restaurant before I go there so I know what to expect once I get there. I checked the Benjarong website and looked at the menu and found several items with 'V' next to it indicating that these items can be made vegetarian. Normally, I find about 2-3 vegetarian items in a typical Chinese/Japanese/Thai restaurant, but Benjarong probably had about 20 items from which I can choose. I really loved that.

When my wife and me went there on the Saturday night around 7 pm, the place was mostly full with one group of people waiting before us. We were seated in no time and the wait staff was friendly and professional. Since I knew what I was going to have, I ordered it right away and food was served in about 10 minutes.

I ordered Phad Thai and my wife ordered Kee Mao. Phad Thai is "Thai style thin rice noodles sautéed with egg, bean sprouts, scallions, ground peanuts, topped with fresh bean sprouts and cilantro" according to the Benjarong website's menu description. Kee Mao is, "Sauteed wide rice noodles with fresh chili peppers, tomatoes, basil and mushrooms", but my wife had requested mushrooms taken out of the dish. Both dishes were delicious.

I am definitely going to Benjarong again.

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