Friday, November 02, 2007

Top 10 Bollywood Hindi Songs

If you live outside of India like me and if you are a big fan of bollywood music then you are always trying to find out which new Hindi songs are currently humming strong in India. I always try to seek out new popular bollywood music. So far, my methods of extracting this knowledge from the world has been asking my friends or asking my cousins who live in United States what they currently like.

I have tried to bookmark different websites that list top 10 Hindi songs every week or month. These websites go for few months and then they stop updating the list after that; or they shut down altogether. Now that does not help me at all. But at last, I think I found a great way to find out which songs are hit in India. The source of this information is: Any guesses??

Google Music Trends!!!!!

You can select the country India from the right dropdown and then select Hindi soundtrack from the left dropdown. This gives you a list of most popular songs right now. How does Google know which songs are hot now? "When Google Talk users opt in to Music Trends, we'll capture information about the music they're listening to from their music player. We then anonymize the information and add each musical vote to our Music Trends page. The more users that are opted in, and the more music they listen to, the more accurately the Music Trends page will reflect the world's musical tastes", according to the Google Music Trends FAQ page.

I think this is a great way to compile a top 10 list. As more users opt-in to the music trends, the list will become more accurate over time. You can also check the list of top 10 songs in United States in different genres.

I think this is another "wow" application from Google.

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