Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Dell Inspiron 8600

I just got my new dell inspriron 8600 laptop last week. I like it a lot so far. It took some time to set it up. I had to remove all the junk installed on it. I uninstalled AOL and some other software. Also, installed new versions of Acrobat Reader and Real Player.

I had some issues with the screen initially. I bought WSXGA+ with this laptop. It initially came with 1680x1050 native resolution, which made web-pages unreadable. After changing the DPI settings to 120, I was able to work for few hours. It still felt odd. I played around with the resolution and finally settled on 1280x800 with 96 DPI. This resolution is perfect.

Everything else works fine and looks good. It has Pentium M processor with 512 MB or RAM. It came with 60 GB hard drive and CD-RW/DVD combo drive. The DVD drive is good and wide screen makes DVD watching fun.

The casing could be improved though. I hear a few squeaks and rattles here and there. I guess, this is common on all the laptops these days.

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  1. What processor speed on the Pentium-M ? 1400,1500,1600 mhz ? N E wayz, be really careful of the (weak) power jack. If you leave the laptop on a table, charging - and the cord gets yanked to the side a bit, the power jack's internal soldering will become un-done and you will become S.O.L. like many people who have experienced this :-( There are companies who specialize in just the power jacks of Dell laptops on eBay coz of this 'defect' ! argh...