Sunday, February 13, 2005

Early Closing of Department Stores on Sunday

Why the stores close early on sundays? I just went to well known national department store to buy some clothes and had to leave because they were closing the store on 5 pm sunday evening. They are going to open on Monday at 9 am. What is wrong with this picture? They should keep the store open on sundays until 10 pm and open it late on Mondays if they want to. They are losing customers by closing way too early on sundays.


  1. I often go crazy about the stores being closed all day on Sunday. They are not allowed to open on Monday morning either. Law dictates owner should have 2 mornings off per week minimum. Weekdays they must close before 8 pm or Cristian daemons will haunt us in the afterlife.

    All makes perfect sense if you don't think about it. :)

  2. Oh please. There are many people like me who feel depressed in the sunday afternoon. As the evening approaches I feel this sudden urge to go out and do something before the week starts. Many times I want to go out to shopping. Sometimes I prepare for Monday by pressing my clothes. If I don't like my clothes that evening, I want to go out and buy new clothes, but alas. The whole world comes to a screeching halt on Sunday afternoon. This is just too bad.