Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Blogger Blogs And Search Engine Rankings

Does blogger blogs ever rank well on the search engines? I have seen many blogs show up on the search engine results page, but most of those blogs are hosted on the personal web sites. I have also noticed that these blogs are created using Wordpress, Movable Type or Typepad. The blog you are currently reading is on blogger and I hardly get any visitors from Google or Yahoo. Searching the Google with my blog’s title brings my blog at the bottom of the first page, but not all of the post pages are individually indexed in Google. I can see the URL of the individual post pages in the Google results page but I don't see any title or description of the page, which indicates that Google knows about these pages and it has spidered the pages but somehow decided not to index them.

If you do in google, it brings up all the pages in my site. But, many of these pages are listed URL only. No title and description is shown on the search engine results page. Only a few pages are listed with their respective title and description. If this continues for a long time, then it is worthless. The title only pages have less chance of getting visitors from search engines.

It may be that Google applies some kind of ranking penalty to the free blogs hosted at blogger. This makes me wonder that if I ever want to put up high quality, researched articles on the web than blogger is not the right choice for me. I should buy my own domain name and host my blog on my own web hosting account.

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  1. I think Google is slower that Yahoo and MSN in terms of handing how higher search rankings. But with any site, it it consistently posts decent content and has quality incoming links, it will make its way up the Google rankings.