Thursday, July 27, 2006

Eyelid Muscle Twitching Episode

I recently went through an extended eye twitching episode that lasted over a month. One day all of a sudden without any reason whatsoever lower eyelid of my left eye started contracting involuntarily. The movement of the eyelid was kind of horizontal. When I looked closely at my lower left eyelid in the mirror, I could see the two ends of the lower eyelid pressuring towards each other. Because of this the two corners of the eyes were feeling constant pressure in the lower corner. A couple of days I even woke up with teary left eye because of the constant pressure from the eyelid muscle contractions the left eye started to shed water.

I was going crazy and started looking for reasons on the internet. All I was able to find was that it was not a big deal. Some websites said that this kind of condition could last for weeks or months before mysteriously going away. Myokymia is the proper medical name of this condition. I also found out that lack of sleep, muscle weakness, stress, or too much coffee could also be responsible for this kind of condition (Note: Do not consider this as a medical advice. I am not a medical professional. Please see your doctor if you are experiencing similar condition). Well, it is good to say that in the last couple weeks I have not had a single eye twitch. It is gone.

P.S. - I did buy a lottery ticket hoping that this is maybe an indication of coming good luck but unfortunately did not match any numbers.

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